Tuesday nighter alone with wind!

Calavaras Duathlon
Calaveras Duathlon
February 27, 2010
Q50 Races Costa Rica
Q50 Costa Rica 40k
June 6, 2010

riding in the windSo, tonight was the night for me to improve yet another Tuesday night ride on the treacherous hills from Helotes down 1560 to Galm to 471 then 211 and finally down Bandera to Helotes and Roger Soler Tri Sports. The group is pretty large, about 30 people who ride quickly and show no mercy. I just try to hang on through the 25 mile an hour warm up until we hit Galm where the group takes off at about 30 miles an hour. I was promptly dropped as my legs protested when I tried to hang on. The group pulled away and I was alone to deal with the hills and later the wind. I made it to 211 and the hills after passing a rider fixing a flat and was passed by him, dropped like a bad habit. I tried to hang on as he and another rider pulled up the hill. No dice! My hamstrings shouted, “NO!” Once I hit Bandera, I was happy for the downhill and 30 mile an hour speed. “Negative Ghost Rider!” The wind put me in my place and made my legs feel like limp spaghetti. Luckily Brian (my boyfriend) came to the rescue, well sort of. He also dropped me like a hot potato. But, I beat him up the last hill. Ha! Needles to say, I did not run after my ride. BUT, I did learn that I am tough enough to hold out on the wind and not call for a ride home. I will be back next week!