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Training for a race can be a daunting task. Having a coach to guide you and help with your goals can take your training to the next level. As a running and multi-sport coach, my goals are to help you train smarter with quality workouts that will lead you to your race day goals.

As your San Antonio triathlon coach, I will work with you and your schedule to create workouts that will build a solid foundation. This is an important step to a successful season. I will then prescribe more specific training to meet your needs, helping you maintain consistent training through appropriate workouts. Lastly, I will incorporate rest and proper tapering to avoid over training, a common mistake for most multisport athletes.

I offer VO2 testing to get you started on your training and plans ranging from 5K races to marathon distance. My multi-sport experiences ranges from sprint distance triathlons to full IronMan distances. Utilizing a coach in your training plan can help you train smarter not harder, allowing you to reach your goals with confidence.

San Antonio triathlon coach

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