Q50 Costa Rica 40k

Tuesday nighter alone with wind!
May 11, 2010
Stained glass birthday present
My birthday present from Rhonda
August 13, 2010

Q50 Races Costa RicaDeciding to take the trip to Costa Rica was a decision based on pure need. It was time for this survivor to do something relaxing and fun. You may ask how a 40k race in the heat and humidity can be fun. The race proved to be harder than expected with temperatures hitting approx. 110 by the afternoon. I had finished by 11 but I can only imagine how hot it was when I was running. The 25 mile race began at 6am. The sun comes up very early there so being awake wasn’t a problem. I was with a group of 7 and 6 of were running one of 3 distances. I came across a local who was running the race at mile 5 who informed me that the up and down hills and valleys were consistent on the whole course. Thanks for the info Vincent! He let me know that he finished in 5 hours 30 minutes the previous year. I knew I did not want to be out in the heat on those hills for that long. I took off and left Vincent to run his race. By mile 7 I was reminded of how much long distance races can hurt. The course was either up or down. There were no flat places that I could find. The roads were either rock or dirt which is better than concrete or asphalt, I guess. The first of three water stops was an interesting experience. There were peanuts, water and Heed. No cups! The volunteers were enthusiastic and full of encouragement. I dumped some water down my throat and continued relying on my camel back for water. The next water stop was at mile 10 where I was saved by a wonderful competitor who had some Body Glide for my spine. Without a shirt, my camel back had rubbed two spots raw. Ouch! 15 miles left and I knew I could make it, I just wasn’t sure how fast I would be finishing. My goal at this point was to walk as little as possible. The hills were kicking my ass! Once I got halfway, I just started counting backward as the song La Tortura by Shakira played over and over in my head. This was courtesy of the ride to San Jose in the Taxi/van. I tried with all my might to keep my pace up the last 5 miles but watched it slip away as the heat burned my skin and the hills kept coming. I managed to finish in just under 5 hours. Not the best time for a 40k, but respectful considering the heat and the course. I found out that my friend, mentor and world class ulta runner Amanda had gone through the first loop almost 40 minutes before me. She was running 80k or 50 miles. I drank as much water as I could and enjoyed some fresh pineapple. Yummmmmy! I didn’t know my placement until almost 2 hours after the finish. They had pulled some participants of the course from heat exhaustion or whatever reason they had for not finishing. I ended being the first woman to finish the 40k race. I was stunned! What a great ending to a very difficult race. Amanda came in 4 hours later, 2nd overall and first female in the 80k. Wooohoooooo! First 40k under belt. Where are we going next?