Deciding on a Triathlon Training Program

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Team Marathon Bar
June 1, 2011
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blog-tri-trainingThe question "where should I start my triathlon training program?" should be the first thing you should ask yourself. And since this question is your launching point if you desire to become a triathlete, it's often the toughest to answer. To somehow help you on your decision making here are the things you need to know:

Like learning a skill, you should know where you are starting from. Are you a beginner? Do you have experience with some of the disciplines in the triathlon? Which discipline is your weak event? Do you know how to swim? Do you know how to bike? Where are your strengths? Have you been doing each event separately and want to have structured training? Have you just decided to get up from your couch and decided that you want to swim, bike and run?

All these questions and many other questions related to figuring out where to start your triathlon training program should be taken into consideration. This would help you figure out where to start.

Where to start should coincide with your goal and your reason why you need to train. The truth is, there are hundreds of ways and models of training you can adapt. But, if you aren't able to identify your goal, you will probably struggle.

Set your goals, both short term and long term. In this way you know the limits of your training. If you aren't planning on entering an Ironman, then skip the idea of swimming, biking and running every day of the week. You will only strain yourself and would eventually lead you to losing interest. If you are just starting the three triathlon disciplines, then it would not be healthy if you start with high intensity. Move gradually until you reach your goal.

Another reason why you should not start too aggressively if you are only a beginner is the risk of injury. You simply can not do couch-to-Ironman in one day.

If you have been training for a while and would like to enter triathlon, you can begin with where you are right now. Improve your skills from there but remember, you have to have a goal to follow and achieve.

Whether you are a beginner or have been training for triathlon for a long time, one point stays the same: you must have a goal to chase. Knowing this will give you the best idea what sort of triathlon training program you should choose.